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Dog Bite Lawyers in Maryland

dog bite lawyer marylandMaryland law states that dog owners whose dogs are considered to be "dangerous" are responsible for damages that occur as a result of dog bites.

Regardless of the breed, if you have suffered from a dog bite, the owner may be responsible. You have the right to damages depending on the severity of the bite. Approximately 1,000 Americans receive treatment for dog bites every day.

How do I Behave After a Dog Bite?

If you or someone you know is bitten by a dog, it is essential to make sure that you identify the dog. If the dog is a stray, you may require treatment for rabies which can be a painful procedure and is best left to your physician to determine. If the dog is not a stray it is important to determine who it belongs to.

After identifying the dog, it is crucial to seek prompt medical attention to avoid any potential complications.

Additional concerns for victims of dog bites include:

  • Identifying and obtaining contact information from any potential witnesses (it may be necessary to return to the scene of the attack and knock on neighbor's doors)
  • Obtaining contact and insurance information from the dog's owner
  • Taking pictures of and document any and all injuries, cuts, and bruises that result from the attack
  • Contacting an attorney immediately to get them started with the details of your case

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